Ron Paul – ‘I think it’s Fantastic’ CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin, Commodity Banking, Precious Metals Barter

Ron-Paul-2012Ron Paul of Ron Paul’s Podcast Nation joins Open Currency Update with Kurt Wallace for ‘Ron Paul, ‘I think it’s Fantastic’ CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin, Commodity Banking, Precious Metals Barter’. Ron Paul shares his experience in discovering economic freedom and individual liberty. He explains why the Federal Reserves ‘Free Money’ will create more bubbles.

We discuss spontaneous redefining of what money is for the individual with new forms of currency such as bitcoin, commodity banking, personal trade and barter with precious metals. Dr. Paul talks about legalizing parallel currencies in the US and why economics is the baseline of his message of Liberty. We also get a preview of Dr. Paul’s upcoming speech in New York May May 13th – 14th.

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  1. Herbert says:

    It would be interesting to have parallel currencies in the U.S. In these times of globalization, I’m sure if parallel currencies see success in the U.S. other countries will adopt it in no time. I look forward to listening to Dr. Paul’s speech.

  2. Great job Kurt, Ron really expanded on the early influences and path. You both had a great rapport!
    Keep em coming!



  1. [...] During this interview at, I wanted to find out how Dr. Paul began his journey of Austrian enlightenment. Specifically on the relationship between Liberty and how economic systems behave. We talk about the way markets and money play a central role in a free society and the reactions to central banking with new types of currency. Listen here! [...]

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