New 5oz “Jumbo” Lakota!

One of a Kind with LIMITED PRODUCTION!

Plain and simple: This medallion is astonishing!

While it is argued that the 1oz Lakota Crazy Horse is the most beautiful AOCS-Approved medallion to date, now the 1oz piece has to compete with itself in a proof-like, mirrored-finish, 5oz version!

The 5oz “Jumbo” Crazy Horse is a limited piece. The Black Hills Treaty Council has authorized a maximum mint run of 10,000 medallions, but may decide to cease production earlier or only release a certain amount of “numbered” medallions.

Each medallion comes with a custom engraved number backed by a certificate of authenticity. The number is located along the edge beneath the image of Crazy Horse, and the medallion is sealed in an air-tite for quality and preservation.

Current Mintage: 61-100

The first 40 medallions ordered will receive a promotional discount of $25 off per medallion! Be sure to type in the coupon code “25offjumbo” at checkout for this special offer.

There is no limit per customer for this timeless classic! Make sure to reserve yours today by ordering through!

About Rob

Rob Gray is the Executive Director of the American Open Currency Standard and a reputable expert on complementary currency and barter systems. Rob is currently exploring Southeast Asia with his wife and 2 children.


  1. Steve Palmieri says:

    The Daily Paul is posting the Free Lakota Bank again.
    I’m trying to bring some business your way. See posts and on The Daily Paul.

    How are you?


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