AOCS Approved Dealers

In addition to accessing our Silver medallions through an AOCS Approved Trade Coordinator, the barter medallions can also be found online through a select list of reputable dealers. If you would like to represent the AOCS and our line of Silver barter medallions, please complete the form at the bottom of the Get Involved page.

The Lakota Gold & Silver Expert


Interested in representing the line-up of AOCS Approved medallions?  Check out the Get Involved page for more details!


  1. I spoke to your representative at the expo in Dallas about your company. I would like to become a dealer for silver and gold. Please send me any information I need to fill out for you.

    Thank you for your time and God bless.

  2. Hi, I am UK based and am in the throes of setting up as a coin dealer. I too would like to become a dealer for silver, copper and gold. Currently in the design stages of my website and wonder if I can use your logo on my site? Could you let me know your criteria on this, with thanks.

    Go Well
    Barry Davies

  3. Nathan's fine Jewelry, Inc says:

    hi ACOS,

    Great job of the Coins. They look great. My company is incorporated in Florida and we have a neat work of trade shows, home shows, a Antique Sterling Silver Jewelry and Gold party’s, plus we been taking in so much Silver coin in trade towards our jewelry, we found putting them back out for the next party is the best way to go, and go they do. We would like to offer your designed because they speak from the hart to 99% of our customers. Would love to work with you. We’re Authorized Licenses Dealers her in Florida, with all the buy, sell, trade. Options. I was thinking instead of using our local smelters, we also could have you take our bi-weekly drops and turn them into your medallions. Open to your Suggestions.

  4. I would like to open up a business of “gift giving”. where i can pay to any independent coin metal wholesales to make my coins. First starting off as becoming a coin dealer. Then starting a practice/philosophy of giving away some of my coins to anyone or putting some in a bag with food to
    the homeless…promoting my philosphy of gift giving…Id like to begin a LETS commodity exchange where you can trade electronic non fueled gasoline planes (used as a type of money currency) and trade them for other important goods of value…

  5. Gary Provenzano says:

    They should have Coin Shows/Conventions featuring these AOCS coins, and/or medallions. Are there any? If so, when, and where?


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