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  1. Greg Hall says:

    Since, the gov’t has shown an atrocious history of behaviour towards the native American and of course the Lakota in particular, it becomes cautionary to think twice about the security of PM’s held on the reservation.

    Though I believe in the sovereignty of the people to manage their own affairs, it thus seems foolish to believe Lakota nation can defend the protection of an investment with them from the strong arm of Power.

    I question the security of the Bank when the incident at Oglala in the early seventies and at Wounded Knee in 1973 demonstrated the vulnerability of the Lakota nation to resist threats such as the American gov’t.

    I do wish to agree with the ideal thought of such an honorable system to feed and cloth the future of such a proud nation, and I will do what I can to invest in this beautiful people.


    Drinks the Sky (Greg)

  2. I listened to the survival podcast today and heard your prepared speech. i clicked on the watch it live link but i guess it was to late. if somehow you could post a youtube link in the future i’d love to see congress’s response

  3. Rick Fabris says:

    Just got off the phone with Wil. I’m happy to see that AOCS has hired someone like him to keep customers happy. Growing pains oftentimes produce unhappy customers (who can turn in to ex-customers very quickly). Silver Willie seems like the perfect addition for AOCS. He not only solved my problem, but I was so satisfied that I placed another order with him. Thanks Wil!

    Rick Fabris

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