The end of the American Open Currency Standard?


It's amazing to think that we're merely two weeks away from the one-year anniversary of the M2 bankruptcy, after a year of [mostly losing] the battle for my life, fortune and sacred honor. But today, what remains of our team is back doing what we do best - creating value and profit by pushing forward decentralized commodity monetary systems. Towards the end of 2013, I decided that I'd be more effective a continent or so away from the drama. I needed some time to clear my head, take a step … [Read more...]

Cannabis Coins


For more than 99% of its known history, the Cannabis Sativa plant has been an integral component of civilization. Cannabis, referred to simply as hemp when used, could be found across the globe in countless industrial, medicinal, dietary & spiritual applications. Quite possibly the world's first agricultural crop, villagers near modern-day Taiwan cultivated cannabis for use as hemp cord in pottery more than 10,000 years ago. … [Read more...]

Are the days of cheap gold and silver numbered?


As recently reported on it is rumoured that Russia will not take kindly to the proposed U.S. sanctions.  If Russia does in fact move to decrease it's dependency on the U.S., it could have a drastic effect on the dollar.  As in times past, a weakened dollar could send prices of gold and silver through the proverbial roof.  If the situation escalates, will we see an end to cheap gold and sliver? … [Read more...]

Just saying Bitcoin is like saying bomb on an airplane


You can’t say “bomb” on an airplane, as Ben Stillerfound out the hard way in Meet the Parents. Apparently, you can’t say “Bitcoin” on your website, either, without eliciting the same hysterical reaction from the banking establishment. Presently, Mulligan Mint does not accept Bitcoin in exchange for any of its products. As an alternative currency, Bitcoin actually competes with the American Open Currency Standard. However, we do respect and admire Bitcoin and it’s community for taking a … [Read more...]

Mulligan Mint celebrates Bitcoin with new one ounce silver round


Just as in the Great Depression, the 2008 financial crisis resulted in renewed interest in community currencies. With the value of the dollar falling and the stability of the entire financial system in question, many local communities sought to protect themselves against inflation and economic uncertainty. That’s when Bitcoin came along to take the alternative currency world by storm. Independent of any central authority and based upon a cryptographic protocol that ensures the currency cannot … [Read more...]

Big Horn County News: “Launching Scouts”…


By Andrew Turck Big Horn County News Nearly a thousand tribal members in colorful powwow regalia surrounded the arbor Friday night at Crow Fair, the largest gathering of Native Americans in the Northern Plains, as Chairman Darrin Old Coyote put a new economic currency to the test. The “scout,” by way of executive decision, is now the official mint of the Apsáalooke Nation. “As the great Creator guides us forward,” Old Coyote said to the crowd, “may this action help to ensure our … [Read more...]

Community merchants benefit from community currencies


Community currencies benefit the community as a whole on several levels, both social and economic. They foster a sense of pride of ownership in the community and encourage local cooperation. They protect individuals against inflation, meaning their accumulated wealth can help them realize their own dreams instead of being redistributed to politically-connected corporations. They even benefit community leaders, who benefit from the job-creating and other economic effects of establishing a local … [Read more...]

Community currencies have a long history


With the U.S. dollar at a historic low and the Federal Reserve continuing to inflate, interest in alternative currencies is growing. Newcomers may think community currencies are a recent phenomenon. Actually, community currencies have a long history even here in the land of the dollar. The 1930’s saw an explosion in the launch of local currencies. The severe deflation of the Great Depression combined with FDR’s decision to take the U.S. Dollar off the gold standard domestically (it was still … [Read more...]

Community leaders benefit from community currencies


Community currencies empower individuals and local businesses to take control of their financial futures back from central economic planners and Wall Street. That doesn't just benefit producers and consumers. It benefits the community as a whole. Community leaders take note. The clearest mandate from constituents to community leaders during tough economic times is for polices that will create jobs. That usually means getting local government out of the way of job creators. Encouraging … [Read more...]