Larkin Merchandise Bonds: A successful Depression-era scrip


The Larkin Company began in 1875 as a small soap factory in Buffalo, N.Y. Pioneering marketing strategies like factory-direct sales, mail order and multi-level marketing, the company grew from sales of $220,000 in 1892 to over $15 million by 1906. By the 1920’s, Larkin was a household name with branch showrooms throughout the eastern half of the United States. Its product line had expanded from a few soap products to packaged foods, pottery, glassware, leather, furniture and other household … [Read more...]

OpenCurrency a perfect fit for private cities


As local, state and federal governments continue to spend more than they take in and provide fewer, lower quality services in return for tax dollars, many local communities have privatized. There are now whole cities that are privately owned, with services previously provided by government now provided by the market. That’s a great opportunity for Open Currency. The federal government runs the military, Social Security and Medicare, interstate commerce and interstate highways. The state … [Read more...]

How OpenCurrency can save Detroit


Detroit was one of the epicenters of the 2008 financial collapse. While its economic problems were decades in the making, the failure of two of the three largest automakers and the largest financial and housing crisis since the Great Depression combined to make a perfect storm, leaving the city in ruins. Unemployment is rampant, housing prices have gone subterranean and the city just announced that it will file for bankruptcy. The news is not all bad. Like any other economy, the bottom formed … [Read more...]

Texas and Louisiana repeal sales tax on precious metals


Texas and Louisiana both passed bills this summer making the sale of gold, silver, or numismatic coins or platinum, gold, or silver bullion completely tax exempt. Previously, both states taxed sales above $1,000.00, meaning that precious metals were treated differently than other investments. Edward Allen of AOCS helped persuade Texas legislators when he testified before a subcommittee hearing in 2011. Allen was invited to speak by Rep. David Simpson, who authored Texas House Bill 78, … [Read more...]

IRA Misconceptions Increase Risk


Disclaimer: Please understand that this article is not written to provide tax or legal advice and I am not providing any such advice. In fact, it disgusts me to think that you need to "figure out the system" to secure what is already yours. This article simply describes my quest for information and knowledge about IRAs and how this information could help me and my father. A few weeks ago, my father mentioned to me his disgust with the performance of his IRA. My response: "You still have an … [Read more...]

Legal Tender & 5 things I learned from D.C.


As some of you know, I had a rare opportunity to testify August 2nd 2012 before the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy regarding parallel currencies. For a full video of the hearing, click the image on the left. It all passed so fast, and the reality didn't set in until I left the chamber. My first thought upon walking out of the building was really anti-climatic: "I spent all this time over the past week for that?" And to think I could have focused my time and … [Read more...]

AOCS Goes to Washington

Ignore the Fed

Missed the live feed? Catch the full hearing on YouTube HERE or Mr Gray's excerpt HERE. While debriefing from our most recent trip to FreedomFest in Las Vegas, I posed a question: how do we take our movement to the next level? I mean, we have so many people that are paying attention now, but still believe we can petition the government to solve today's social and economic problems. Last week, Congressman Paul's bill to audit the Fed finally came to a vote on the House floor. Though it … [Read more...]

What’s a Penny Really Worth?


Recently there has been a lot of excitement and discussion about the real value of a penny.  In one article from December of 2011, ABC News(1) talks about the waves of people going out of their way to sort and hoard pennies.  The story mentions one individual who spent upwards of $500.00 on a coin-sorting machine to assist with the process.  Another person made an entire business of sorting and selling them at nearly 50% profit.  This obsession over the smallest unit of our currency got us folks … [Read more...]

Custom Tokens Simplify Cash Control for Oktoberfest


by Jim Wahl The annual Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel, Oregon is a tradition that dates back nearly five decades. Each year several hundred thousand visitors flock to this small town – an influx 100-times that of Mt. Angel’s population of 3,700. Many come for the authentic German atmosphere and culture and the array of culinary treats, not to mention the traditional German beer. But while the entertainment venues will be filled with people, no cash will be changing hands. That’s because the … [Read more...]

Silver as the Fulcrum of Value


Some Unconventional Thoughts on Balance Of Trade By Pat Fields A nonchalant comment I’d posted to a thread on Facebook reflecting on a Zero Hedge article relating to bullion bank Scotia Mocatta’s curious accounting for their silver holdings sparked a small brush fire of e-mails among the folks here at AOCS. Particularly, it was my characterization of silver as having the analogical position of a fulcrum, providing a natural balance to the rational valuations of gold and copper and the … [Read more...]