Bix Weir Story Behind Road to Roota Silver Medallion

0f47d51Bix Weir Editor of Road To Roota joins Open Currency Update with Kurt Wallace for ‘Bix Weir Story Behind Road to Roota Silver Medallion’. Bix shares his journey with Road to Roota Silver Medallion and what the symbolism artwork on the coin represents. He also discusses his thoughts on the divergence of the paper silver and physical silver markets, and the low prices in the gold and silver markets at this time.

Bix Weir is a freelance author and analyst dedicated to exposing the long term manipulation of the gold and silver markets. Has worked with GATA for 13 years and is Editor of




  1. dan says


    You consider greenspan and frank and fienstein….the good guys……I do not and never will…they have done much damage to this country over the years….more than they have ever done ‘good’…..